Since 2018 DSFS collaborates with the Festival del Viaggiatore, but from 2019 onward, this dialogue becomes even more interesting.

The Festival del Viaggiatore aims to explore the dimension of travel in all its meanings: paths, experiences and dreams of travelers who move transversely from the world of Art to that of Journalism, from Literature to Economics, from Geography to Hiking , from Theater to Perfume Design, from Cinema to Fashion, from Radio to Music.

DSFS moves through these dimensions, collecting, analyzing and sharing the stories of women who have contributed in the past to propose approaches and trends. Today, more than ever, they impact on economies in transformation and flows with their original business models, will for networking, no fear of physical travels (work travels, moving house, etc) and inner journey, their determination in achieving goals.

On 22 September 2018, DSFS presented the pair Ufficio Notizie (-100) and Nawart Press (+100) within the LA VIA DELLE DONNE section with a focus on "War Theaters, Women Make History".
Took part to the event Lucia Gaudenzi - researcher, Costanza Spocci, Giulia Bertoluzzi and Eleonora Vio - journalists and founders of NAWART Press, Cristina Greggio and Emanuela Zilio, curators of the DSFS Project.
The event offered an original vision of the women professions during the First World War and today. At the center of the presentation, women and their ability to put themselves at the service of humanity in the most difficult moments in history. In comparison, two communication offices in theaters of war.

Enjoy the interview [IT] with Emanuela Zilio (DSFS) and Eleonora Vio (Nawart Press)

Donne Si Fa Storia e Nawart Press al Festival del Viaggiatore 2018

Eleonora Vio di Nawart Press al Festival del Viaggiatore 2018     Giulia Bertoluzzi di Nawart Press al Festival del Viaggiatore 2018

Donne Si Fa Storia e Nawart Press al Festival del Viaggiatore 2018